Sunday, July 31, 2016

Amazing Interviews!

I teach a course through Fresno Pacific University called "ET 735 - Creating on the Web".
In it, I challenge students to create a blog, become active on Twitter, and really invest in creating their Personal/Professional Learning Network (aka PLN). One big assignment is contacting an educator that is much further along that path than they are - a "connected educator".

I really pushed the students to think BIG as far as who they interview. They delivered!

Here are the interviews - these links are to YouTube. They are all embedded on their blogs, also.
Vicki Davis

Jon Corippo

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Google Likes Breakfast!

When teaching students how to use Google products, we find ourselves needing to refer to these images:

 (This one's in the top-right of most Google products.)

(This one's on the Chrome browser's Bookmarks Bar.)

So what should we call them?
  • App Launcher? (the official name)
  • 3x3 grid? (what I've been calling them)
  • 9 squares? (fairly straightforward)
  • Rubik's cube? (pretty cute, I must say...)
Or, the emerging favorite...
  • Waffle!

The same situation exists with the 3 horizontal lines that are at the top-left of many Google products.
Going with the breakfast theme, it seems logical to call them...

  • Pancakes!

Therefore, I hereby declare that when I teach about, or talk about, these images, I will refer to them as "waffle", "colored waffle", and "pancakes".

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Add Gadgets to Blogger

You are at the beginning stages of creating a blog using Blogger.
You know how to write a blog post.

Now it's time to add other content along the sides of your blog. These are called gadgets.

1. Go to Layout.

2. Choose a size for your Sidebar gadget.

They can be different sizes. You may want to choose one that fills the entire margin, or just half of the margin. I have already added some gadgets, which you can see on this blog.

3. Add a Sidebar gadget.
Here are some suggestions for gadgets you might want to add:

•HTML/Javascript - This is great for embedding your Twitter tweets, or any other HTML embed code you might want to put on your blog.

•Profile - Great for letting people know who you are (and show them why you should keep reading your blog).

•Labels - Give them easy access to the labels that you categorize your blog posts with.

•Link List or Blog List - Here is where you show your blog readers what blogs you read. What influences and inspires you? Where can they go for more great content?

•Translate - If your audience is multi-lingual, this one would be great for you.

When you have posted a lot of content, these two would be important to have:
•Search Box - They should be able to search your blog

•Popular Posts - Promote your most popular blog posts

4. Re-arrange your gadgets.

Click and hold on the vertical dots, and drag your gadgets around.

5. Lather-Rinse-Repeat (Revise)
Maybe now you realize that you chose the wrong size for the gadget that you chose. Go back and re-add the gadget with the size you prefer.